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Printed ribbon

Printed Gift Ribbon

Customer Testimonials

The Wunderlabel Difference

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Printed on 100% single-sided satin polyester ribbon

Best Value

Best Value

Save more when you order more

Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

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Printed Gift Ribbon with Text & Symbol

Our printed Gift ribbon made with 100% polyester double-sided satin is soft and silky and has a beautiful sheen. The ribbon edges are smooth and flexible and will not fray. Perfect for gift wrapping, businesses and crafts!


  • 15 mm Wide - Length starting at 10 yards
  •  100% polyester double-sided satin
  • Choose between different Ribbon colors and text colors
  • Gold and Silver Metallic text options
  • Not washable
Printed Ribbon

Printed Gift Ribbon with logo

Our custom gift ribbon with logo is a customer favourite for good reason. This high-quality ribbon can be customised for any occasion and is suitable for corporate events, award ceremonies, large functions, weddings and parties. The online design tool allows you to design unique ribbon quickly and easily: Simply choose a matching ribbon and upload your logo.


  • Available in different widths
  • From 10 metres
  • Made from high-quality double-sided satin (100% polyester) 
  • The ribbon is delivered on a roll so that you can cut it to size according to your needs. 
  • Crisp and vivid digital print
  • Washable up to 90°C

Video: Design and Order your Customised Ribbon

Where can I buy custom gift ribbon? offers custom gift ribbon which you can personalize using your own text, combination of colors, font and a symbol. Our online design tool will take you through each step of the design process. Our printed ribbons are affordable, super easy to order and ships quickly.

Printed gift ribbon is so versatile and is definitely a customer favorite. Crafters love it because it’s super affordable and gives a huge bang for the buck. Retailers love it because it gives their product packaging a polished professional look and corporations love it because it can be designed for literally any use such as awards, presentations, corporate gifts and dinner functions, just to name a few. 

Make gift wrap look spectacular, bring your retail packing to the next level of professionalism, or even trim a new sewing project with a strip of soft customized printed ribbon. 

Wunderlabel ribbon is 100% polyester double-sided satin which means it is flexible, durable and soft. It can even be washed on low temperatures.

How can I use custom gift ribbon?

Printed gift ribbons can be used in so many different ways. The most popular use is for personalized gift wrap for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and Christmas. They are also used a lot in retail because custom printed ribbon lends a professional look to product packaging.

Companies also like to use printed on gift ribbon for corporate and charity events as well as for awards, eye-catching advertising merchandise and corporate gifts.

A party isn’t complete without goody bags. Custom printed ribbon is the perfect finishing touch for goody bags no matter what the occasion. Party favors are also brought to the next level when sporting custom ribbon. Anniversary parties, christenings and weddings are the perfect venues for this special added touch.

Favorite uses for Custom Gift Ribbon:

  • Make your gift wrap shine with a personalized ribbon your gift recipient will never forget.
  • Trims for clothing and accessories.
  • Corporate events
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Goody Bags
  • Printed ribbons for favors
  • Retail packaging

Custom printed ribbons at Wunderlabel - a practical and visually appealing accessory for hobbyists and companies!

Printing Options for Satin Gift Ribbon: What choices are available to you?

The most commonly used and well-known printing methods for satin gift ribbon are digital printing and thermal transfer printing. They are also used at Wunderlabel for printed labels.

Digital Printing
This method is familiar to almost everyone from home printers: ink is directly applied to the material in unlimited CMYK colors. It is particularly well-suited for very colorful designs.

Thermal Transfer Printing
The term 'Thermal Transfer Printing' refers to a printing technique in which satin gift ribbon is printed. Thermal transfer printing is a method where the desired design or information is transferred onto the ribbon by applying heat to a special ribbon film. This ribbon film melts at the points where the print is to be transferred, leaving the desired pattern or text on the satin ribbon. Thermal transfer printing offers the advantage of being relatively cost-effective while achieving high-quality printing results. It is often used in labeling and marking products, labels, ribbons, and much more. When printing on satin ribbons, thermal transfer printing can be used to transfer individual designs, logos, or messages onto the ribbons, making them suitable for gift wrapping, promotional purposes, and various events.

How do you make Gift Ribbons?

Each ribbon design is created by using our online design tool. Once the design process is complete, the 100% polyester Gift Ribbon is printed using a color foil being heated by the printer and transferred directly onto the ribbon material. The result is a smooth yet durable finish.

Create your own printed gift ribbons

The hardest part about creating your own ribbon is deciding how many designs to order. Designing the perfect gift ribbon is easy because our online design tool will walk you through the process step-by-step.

From the main menu, under Ribbon & Wristbands, click on Printed Ribbon - Text & Symbol

- In the first tab: COLOR: you will choose the base color for your ribbon. There are 14 vibrant colors to choose from.

- The next tab is: TEXT: Here you can input up to 2 fields of text. Select which font you’d like for each text field. Next, choose a text color, black, red, blue, pale white, silver metallic or gold metallic.

- In the SYMBOL tab: Embellish your ribbon design with a symbol if you wish. We have something for everyone!

- Once  your design is completed, choose how many yards you want, your shipping method, then add your order to the cart and proceed to checkout. Finished!

From the main menu - Printed Ribbon wit your Logo

- LABEL: Choose your ribbon widths
- UPLOAD: Upload a file with your design
- MESSAGE: Write any important notes regarding your design (optional)

Our Printed Ribbon with Text & Symbol is incredibly affordable and perfect for all occasions and any style of gift wrapping. It comes in a standard width of 15 mm, is digitally printed in different colors - including gold and silver - and can be purchased from just 10 yards. this video to learn how to tie a gift ribbon on a gift and to get more inspiration on how to use both personalised printed ribbon and custom stickers to impress! 

The Logo Printed Ribbon is better suited to professionals who have their own design and need a more elaborate ribbon. We offer a choice of widths. The minimum order quantity is 10 metres.
Both are made of beautiful satin and printed on professional printing machines for a luxurious finish, and are delivered on a roll so that you can cut the ribbon to size to fit your individual needs.
If wrapping presents is not your strong suit then watch this video to learn how to tie a ribbon on a gift and to get more inspiration on how to use both personalized printed ribbon and custom stickers to impress! 

Surprise someone with custom printed ribbon designed especially for them! Orders start at a minimum of only  10 yards for $22.95 so get started right away.

Wunderlabel-Video: Custom Printed Ribbon